Scaffolding has been up on the outside of the building for a few weeks but as yet there are no signs of repair works. Our concern is that there is still heavy water penetration in the building as the roof can be seen from the outside window that the roof itself has cracks in it and is letting in water which will lead to further deterioration.

We are continuing to press Historic England, Clarion and Merton Council, whose duty it is to enforce the repair of a Grade II listed building.

The duty is to make the building watertight. But, given that Merton entered the building just before Christmas the speed of any enforcement has been slow. It is understood that there have been several options for repairs and that Clarion and Merton’s officers are in discussions.

Clifford Chance

On a positive note, we are being supported in our actions to save this building by leading City law firm Clifford Chance.

They are advising on the non-disclosure agreement that Clarion is seeking to bind the Dorset Hall Group to sign.

Commonly known as an NDA, they often seek apart from commercial secrecy, to bind the Signee from speaking publicly about any matters pertaining to the building.

We have made some progress on this last week and hope to have a limited agreement in place shortly.

As Clifford Chance believe this is such an important Heritage site they are acting for us without charge.

We are grateful for their advice and support.