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Memories of Dorset Hall

Many thanks to the correspondent below who got in touch via Facebook to tell of his memories of living at Dorset Hall:

Hi Barbara,

It’s a long story but I will try to explain how I came to live at Dorset Hall for five years 1953 /59, I’m 85 years old now.

Back in 1945, 9th MAY D DAY, I was living with with my Mum and Gran in Morden we had a lovely house opposite the Park.

In the evening my Mother was taken ill and was taken to Epsom Hospital where she died at the age of 39. I was only 9 years old so don’t really know what happened but the house had to be sold and myself and Gran were moved to Morden Lodge as we were homeless.
Later on we had to move to the Red House in south Wimbledon and then in 1953 we arrived at Dorset Hall.

My Grandmother had a room on the 1st floor; I had a small room opposite, all paid for by Social services. In 1954 I was called up for National Service in the RAF but I could still use my room at 152 when on leave. I served 5 years and my Gran died in 1959 at Nelson Hospital.

I then had to leave Dorset Hall and find other accommodation when I left the RAF one month later.

I now live with my wife in Carshalton and we have been married over 60 years. So that’s how I know Dorset Hall in Kingston Road; I hope the old house can be saved.

Best regards